NSW Bushfires cripple Local Businesses

Merciers Gelato and Coffee has vans on the south coast of NSW in Huskisson Jervis Bay

We sell Gelato and coffee from these Vintage restored caravans. We recently installed an air roasting machine in the 1954 Silver carapark van.

This is a concept never done before and it provides theatre as you can see smell and hear the roasting process. It ensures we use the best roasts and can create new blends and single orgins daily.

The roaster was installed the day before Christmas where business was starting to build until we were hit by the fires.

Businesses have suffered with many towns burning down, roads being cut off and constant publicity about leaving the area. The effects on local business will take months to recover if they do at all.

This has happened at the busiest time of the year when a lot of businesses make most of their income to support them through the year.

The coffee vans went from 100’s of coffee and gelato’s a day down to below 10 serves a day ever since.

The only way to survive is to think outside the square and try the online approach .

We can roast beans for retail and wholesale.

To do so would mean capitalizing on the situation and targeting  people that wish to support the area and those that would normally buy beans from the bigger retailers.